Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST)

in Mathematics, Physics and MFL – French and Spanish

Free training based at The Compton School during the 2018-19 academic year

The Compton-Barnet Teaching School Alliance is offering free training for qualified teachers to acquire additional skills to teach maths, physics or MFL (French and Spanish). This training is funded by the NCTL and supported by both the Joint Mathematical Council and the Institute of Physics.

The training is focusing on qualified teachers who are teaching outside of their specialism. This could be biology teachers teaching physics or maths teachers who do did not originally train to teach maths.

Schools can access £780 per teacher who attends the programme.

Nationally only 18% of all science teachers have a physics degree and only 45% of all maths teachers have a maths degree (source: data 2013).

If you would like more information or register an interest for this programme please contact Stuart Merritt (Maths and Physics) and Emma Hazlegreaves (MFL - French and Spanish).

Please see the flyers below for the dates of upcoming sessions

Financial incentives for schools

The Compton Teaching School Alliance is keen to involve schools in the TSST programme and work collectively to enhance the subject knowledge of teachers. Therefore has designed a package to pay schools to support the subject knowledge development of their staff.

The core training will involve six, half day sessions. To encourage schools to take part in the programme and support the potential cost of covering lessons, the following package has been created.

Incentive Frequency Total
In school observation to support subject knowledge for teaching 1 per term at £100 per observation £300
In school coaching to support planning of lessons and delivery of enhanced subject knowledge 2 per half term at £60 per session (2 x 4 half terms) £480


Total £780


The learning programme

The TSST programme is blended, offering a range of support enabling teachers to enhance their subject knowledge and pedagogy, these are:
• The core programme consists of 6, ½ day sessions based at The Compton School offering a range of bespoke training suited to the needs of the cohort. Topics covered last year are summarised below
• Support within employing schools will be funded and recommend 3 observations and 6 coaching sessions to support subject knowledge development
• Observation and team teaching will be offered at The Compton School and for teachers returning to teaching and not currently based at a school
• On-line materials will be shared and signposted to support subject knowledge development.

The delivery team aim to make the training interactive, collaborative and diverse.

The programme aims to focus on subject knowledge for approximately 2/3rds of the allocated time and classroom application (pedagogy) for 1/3rd.

For further details and participation please contact;                                         

Alexia Georgopoulos Nikos Methenitis Stuart Merritt
Teaching School Administrator Senior Teaching School Administrator  Assistant Head Teacher



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