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In October 1991, Andrew Macalpine was appointed as Headteacher of The Compton School tasked with re-opening a school on our current site. He soon appointed Fred Chamberlain as caretaker (March 1992) and Teresa Tunnadine as Deputy Head (April 1992). Carol Smith was appointed as School Admin Officer later that year.

Andrew Macalpine with John Patten   The first teaching staff at The Compton

         Andrew Macalpine with John Patten                       The first teaching staff at The Compton                                     

In September 1992 the school re-opened as The Compton School with 150 students in only five Year 7 forms. The school was officially opened by the Secretary of State for Education John Patten in October 1992.

John Patten officially opening the school

  John Patten officially opening the school  

The school continued to grow and in 1993, Ann Marie Mulkerins and Denise Beardshaw were appointed to the staff. By September 1996, the school was full, with 750 students now in attendance.     

The first students at the Compton School

                                 The first students at The Compton School