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Ann Marie Mulkerins

Anne Marie Mulkerins

Name:  Ann Marie Mulkerins
School Name: The Compton School
Current Position:  Associate Headteacher
Designation 1: Specialist Leader in EducationSpecialist
Areas: DataDesignation 2: Olevi ITP/OTP Facilitator-NPQML

Statement: I have been a member of the Senior Leadership Team at The Compton school since 2003; prior to that I was a Head of Department, (Geography)  I have been heavily involved in outreach work since 2005. Part of my outreach work involved planning and preparing materials for a National Conference on Data Support.  I was trained as a Data Enabler Consultant in 2009. This training enhanced and deepened my understanding of the data used to evaluate school performance. With regards to data systems I have worked with a number of schools on developing their tracking, monitoring and reporting systems. I am used to dealing with other schools’ data in a sensitive and confidential manner and able to offer improvement strategies based on a detailed needs analysis and priorities. In 2012, I become a SLE (Specialist Leader in Education) with data as my specialism. I am also trained as an OLevi trained facilitator for OTP/ITP programmes. I have also been heavily involved in presenting at external events, ranging from “Good to Great” and “Securing Good” as part of the London Leadership Strategy.