Behaviour and Attitudes

The school has very high expectations for students’ behaviour and conduct. These expectations are commonly understood and applied consistently and fairly across all year groups which is reflected in our students’ positive behaviour for learning. Staff have the highest aspirations for students of all abilities from whatever background which leads to excellent attitudes to learning across the school. The school is a positive and happy place where students are encouraged and enabled to thrive and achieve positive outcomes.  

The Compton LEARN DNA 

The LEARN DNA is at the heart of all we do here at The Compton. All Compton LEARNer's share this DNA - it is part of who they are and part of who we are as a school and makes us Compton LEARNer's together. The LEARN DNA is referenced throughout every element of school life, as part of student assemblies, Personal Development sessions, whole school and classroom displays, running throughout all the LEARNing students do within our school. Our Achievement Point and Behaviour Point system is also based on LEARN point catagories, which we track closely and use to monitor students and their successes. The LEARN DNA is embedded in all we do at The Compton School and all students consistently strive to demonstrate each strand of the LEARN DNA both individually and as year groups, as well as whole school throughout the entire academic year. It's in our DNA!

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