Admissions Documents

The Compton School is a heavily oversubscribed, mixed comprehensive neighbourhood academy.  It is non-selective and draws from its immediate community, currently just under one mile.

(See Admissions Policy)

Our school admissions are coordinated by the Local Education Authority of Barnet.  To make your application, go to Barnet School Admissions at  The Local Authority will also able to advise you on other Barnet Schools. They can be contacted at or 020 8359 7651. 

Your child must be resident (in London/Barnet) at the time of the application so that if a place is offered, they can move quickly through the admissions process and start school as soon as possible.  Places cannot be held open pending the arrival (or not) of a child from abroad.

Whilst we understand that you may like to view The Compton School before you commit to applying, unfortunately we do not have staff designated or available to give tours of the school outside of our October Open Evening period. Therefore, please feel free to explore the school website which will give you an excellent overview of the school and everything that goes on.

It is a criminal offence to provide false information to secure a school place. Any applications suspected of being fraudulent will be referred to London Borough of Barnet’s Corporate Anti-Fraud Team for investigation. If your application is proven to be fraudulent you may be prosecuted in addition to the school place being withdrawn. You can raise your concerns with CAFT through the below channels:

Fraud hotline: 020 8359 2007 


Report it online:

Fraud App: the Barnet Fraud Reporter app is now available. Please visit the website for further information.