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The school takes safeguarding extremely seriously and student welfare is paramount to us. We have a culture of safeguarding that supports effective arrangements to identify students who may need early help or who are at risk of neglect, abuse, grooming or exploitation. Furthermore, we help students reduce their risk of harm by securing the support they need or referring them in a timely way to those who have the expertise to help. We effectively manage safe recruitment and allegations about adults who may be a risk to students. 

Students feel safe and happy at school and know how to keep themselves safe and what to do if they have any concerns, either in school, on-line or in the community. The school takes a zero-tolerance stance on any form of bullying, peer-on-peer, or sexual abuse.  

The overwhelming majority of parents feel their child is safe and well cared for at school (98% in our latest survey). Bullying is extremely rare, and students report that they feel safe in school. Students know how to access support and that staff always respond immediately. All staff know how to identify and support vulnerable students and there is a culture of vigilance across the school.