Sixth Form Dress Code

Students will be expected to wear ‘Smart Business dress.’ Subtle make-up, jewellery and hair styles are acceptable.

Guidance on ‘Smart Business Dress’

As if for a formal interview/ meeting, all students (males and females) are expected to wear;

  • smart business suit or trousers and a business jacket
  • smart business style shirt/blouse
  • smart business shoes
  • males will also be required to wear a tie.

Guidance on Jewellery and make-up

  • Subtle make-up can be worn. Loud or extravagant items of jewellery are not permitted: rings and studs may be worn in ears and on fingers; one small discrete nose stud is permitted.
  • Hair may only be dyed a natural colour.
  • Tattoos should not be visible.

Dress Code- Other Items

  • ID badge must be worn and visible at all times, this is compulsory for security reasons.
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn for sports activities or other practical lessons.

Students will not be permitted to wear the following in school:

  • Denim items including black jeans.
  • Sportswear, hoodies, leggings, shorts, casual jumpers and t-shirts.
  • Short skirts, short bodycon dresses, low cut strappy tops, bare midriffs, backless and off the shoulder tops.
  • Footwear not permitted includes- sports trainers, black trainers, plimsolls, canvas trainers such as Vans or similar, extremely high heeled shoes, sliders or flip flops and Doc Martin or Timberland style boots.
  • Outdoor clothing such as coats and scarves should not be worn when inside the building.

The school reserves the right to exclude other specific items from the student dress code if they are deemed inappropriate.

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