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Stephanie Simson

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Name: Stephanie Simpson
School Name: Woodside High School
Current Position: Associate Assistant Head Teacher and Head of Mathematics
Designation 1: Specialist Leader of Education
Designation 2: Olevi OTP and ITP facilitator
Specialist Areas: Curriculum development at KS3&4.  Development of formative and summative assessments.  Monitoring and tracking of student’s progress via data analysis.  Strategic planning in both key stages.  Developing leadership and management of others.

Statement: I have been a teacher of mathematics for 7 years and a Head of Department for 5.  I was designated as a SLE in 2012.  I have a large amount of experience in developing an underperforming department to an outstanding department.  I have worked in very challenging circumstances and am able to strategically plan effective systems and procedures to ensure that improvements are seen.  I have developed the leadership and management skills of several colleagues.  I am qualified to facilitate the Olevi OTP and ITP programme.  I am able to offer leadership support in mathematics.