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Maria Constantinou

Maria Constantinou

Name: Maria Constantinou
School: St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School, East Barnet
Current Position: Deputy Head and Inclusion Leader
Designation:  Specialist Leader of Education for SEND

Statement: I am a Specialist Leader in Education for SEND and Deputy Head and Inclusion Leader at St. Mary’s Primary School in East Barnet, where Inclusion is recognised as an ‘Area of Excellence’.
Alongside my role on the Senior Leadership Team at St. Mary’s, I am a Primary SEN Consultant for the London Leadership Strategy, a non-profit organisation led by outstanding head teachers across London. In addition, during 2014/15 I was a member of the SEN board at Challenge Partners, which led the strategic development of SEN programmes across 265 schools in the UK.
I regularly present at the ‘Securing Good’ national conferences and have worked with head teachers and senior leaders on this programme in Norfolk, London and Medway providing practical school to school support resulting in rapid change and school improvement.

I have also co-written the SEN primary training materials for Teaching Leaders. In addition, my work at St. Mary’s was recognised in DfE training materials for school leaders on the SEND reforms. Most recently, I have been selected to deliver SEND support on the part DfE funded programme SEN Leaders and am working with secondary mainstream schools to further develop SEND practice. I have developed links with the organisation ‘Driver Youth Trust’ and have been deployed to deliver dyslexia awareness training which is initially being rolled out across practitioners across Barnet.

I am now working as a member of the Institute of Education’s Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants practitioner team contributing to continuing school improvement.