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Head of Department: Ms Arthur

Prepare to see Ms Arthur as you’ve never seen her before in our first regular article, where we interview a different
Head of Department every issue.

What made you become a math teacher?
I really like maths. I have a maths degree. When I was in school I did find it hard.

How did you get there?
I wanted to do a job that I felt was worthwhile. I thought it would be a challenge that I enjoyed.

What is your most embarrassing moment of being a teacher?
It was many years ago, when I had a Year 7 form. On their very first day at Compton I went to pick them up and take them to the classroom. (She laughs) On the way to the classroom, I fell over…in front of the whole class.

If you had to choose between coming to school in pyjamas or having a squeaky voice, which one would you choose?
I would choose to have a squeaky voice forever rather than coming to school in pyjamas!

What do you think is the most annoying thing students do in class?
(She thinks for a long time)
Obviously there are too many! Flipping bottles is the most annoying thing that students do. I find it annoying because I hate it when students are ignoring me. And it’s so noisy.

What kind of a student were you? Were you a committed and an organised student?
No. Not really. I was in the middle. I went to a really challenging school.

Would you prefer to be a student now?
No! It’s so difficult. Too much to do. Too much pressure.

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