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Building the New Sixth Form Block



The new addition to The Compton School is set to be ready for use by early January and will be the new sixth form centre. This will allow more space for Compton students in the main building and provide a spacious area for the sixth form students.

Two new maths classrooms, an expansive study area and an IT technician office will be situated on the ground floor which will be connected to the humanities building. History, geography, religious studies, business studies, psychology and sociology will be accessible on the top floor. Also accompanying these classrooms are going to be offices for new teachers and an office for the sixth form team. Yes, the building is mainly for sixth form students, but it won’t exclude younger Compton students from using the building too.

The building was constructed differently from the most recent addition to the main building that holds the drama, music and modern foreign language classrooms. This new building was pre built and craned over to where the Portakabins used to be and is modular, which means that the building came in sections. It is made out of reconditioned steel frames, which are environmentally friendly because it’s old steel which has been refined and is therefore cheaper. It took four days, over the October half term, to crane in the sectioned classrooms and special permission was required for its transportation from a factory in Milton Keynes.

Technology is one of the main new features that will be added to the new sixth form building. iPads, computers and laptops will be available to be used in the study area for students. As well as the study area containing this new technology, it can hold up to 54 students and the building will hold approximately 300 students in its entirety.

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