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  • The Year 10 Trembles

    The Year 10 Trembles
    15th October 2015

    So set the scene: you’ve done your last minute shopping for all your school stationary aswell as the perfect backpack (you’ve been looking all summer) and physically, you’re ready. Your hair looks great and you’ve had a lie in for 6 weeks, but in no way have you got any idea what yr. 10 is going to hold. You have no idea who your teachers are going to be, nor any idea who you’d be sat next to. But no need to stress, because here are 3 terrific year 10 tricks we’ve learnt so far. Read More

  • Sixth Form Trip to Dearne Valley

    Sixth Form Trip to Dearne Valley
    6th October 2015

    Last week, sixth formers hit the road for a two day trip to Dearne Valley Recreation Centre, South Yorkshire. The trip was set up to build confidence, teamwork and, of course, to make new friends, as well as to get a break from studying. Read More

  • Symphonic glory at the Barbican

    Symphonic glory at the Barbican
    5th October 2015

    The Compton musicians marvelled at their peers as the London Schools Symphonic Orchestra performed at the Barbican on September 22nd. Ms Gray, Ms Curtis and Mr Tokarz accompanied them to the world famous venue where they spent the evening listening to Berlioz and Schuman. Anjali, in Y10, said, "I really liked this performance it shows how children's hard work can pull off an amazing show." Max told us he the performance inspired him to improve his own playing. Ms Gray was incredibly impressed and talked to our musicians about the amazing opportunities commitment to music can offer. We recommend "Symphonie Fantastique" by Berlioz. It's wonderful. Read More

  • Y11 Students Welcomed a Former UK Poetry SLAM Champion Joelle Taylor

    Y11 Students Welcomed a Former UK Poetry SLAM Champion Joelle Taylor
    5th October 2015

    Y11 students welcomed a former UK Poetry SLAM champion Joelle Taylor to discuss conflict, create and perform poetry and share ideas. The meeting sparked off amazing ideas and creativity on both sides. Students were forthcoming with positive feedback and were keen to express how much they enjoyed the workshop. Joelle was equally impressed with the Compton poets. We display some of their work here. Remember that National Poetry Day is on October 8th- how are you going to celebrate? Read More

  • Paris Fashion Show Article

    Paris Fashion Show Article
    6th July 2015

    The year 9, 10 and 11 textiles GCSE students are going on a trip to Paris next year to meet some famous fashion designers and visit world-renowned fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent. They are staying in France for 3 days. This is the first textiles trip for the students where they stay abroad. It is promoting textiles as a subject, also as an A level course. Read More