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  • Year 11 Spanish Tapas Trip

    Year 11 Spanish Tapas Trip
    7th May 2015

    The year 11 Spanish GCSE students have visited a restaurant called Bar Gansa. We have interviewed Miss Cabeza to learn more about the trip. Read More

  • The Nepal Earthquake
    7th May 2015

    A recent tragic incident has occurred in Nepal after the earthquake struck and claimed the lives of many. Some who survived were in need of medical attention due to serious injury. Now thousands of charities have rushed at the opportunity to pass on donations in order to help hospitals and those in need. Read More

  • Clubs at The Compton

    Clubs at The Compton
    7th May 2015

    Are you bored after school? If yes, then join the fun at The Compton after school clubs. There is something interesting happening every day of the week. Read More

  • General Mock Election

    General Mock Election
    7th May 2015

    The Compton’s general mock election votes were counted up today. After the whole school casted their votes, they were counted up to reveal the winner. And the winner is… the Labour Party. So it appears that a majority of the school would rather have Ed Milliband as their Prime Minister, rather than David Cameron. Read More

  • Why should anyone care about UK elections 2015?

    Why should anyone care about UK elections 2015?
    7th May 2015

    On Thursday UK voters go to the polls to vote in an election; this is one of the closest-fought in years! Why should anyone care about it when some of Britain’s voters aren’t even going to show up? Read More