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  • Should we do more for migrants?

    Should we do more for migrants?
    24th April 2015

    People have said that we need to do more to rescue and shelter migrants. Compared with 96 deaths up to the end of April last year, more than 1,700 people are believed to have died this year so far! Read More

  • Compton Goes Green

    Compton Goes Green
    23rd April 2015

    We've decided to join in the celebrations of Word Earth Day and have taken pictures of nature at The Compton. Enjoy and remember- the environment needs you. Always do your bit! Read More

  • Be Independent

    Be Independent
    20th April 2015

    As you will know, we're promoting independent learning across the school. You will have seen displays that encourage you to take charge of your learning and give helpful tips on how to be successful: Read More

  • A Trip to Barleylands!

    A Trip to Barleylands!
    16th April 2015

    Wednesday 25th March- what a day! 7T, 7S, 7N and 7H went to the farm Barleylands in Essex where they had the opportunity to grow food, bake bread and meet some animals. As we went along for the trip, we’d like to tell you about some of its highlights. Read More

  • Iceland Trip

    Iceland Trip
    16th April 2015

    There has recently been a trip to Iceland and I interviewed Miss Bevan – here are some of her thoughts on the trip. Read More