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The school continued to develop in 2003 with student results reaching a new high, with 61% of students achieving 5A* to C.

Phase 2 of The Compton building works began in 2004, with the development of much of the school as we know it now. The Concourse, LRC, ‘New Block’, Science and DT rooms were added to the school. At the same time as the building works, a new innovation was introduced to The Compton School to make our site safer for students on their breaks, the system of rolling breaks and lunches was introduced.

The new Concourse  Piazza under construction  The new LRC

(Photo 1) New Concourse

(Photo 2) Piazza under construction

(Photo 3) The new LRC

2004 also saw the school being awarded Leading Edge status, further recognition of the work carried out by The Compton beyond the school. The school also was recognised as a High Performing Secondary School, with a specialism as a Training School.