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A Level Exam Results- 2018

We are delighted with this year’s set of A Level results, with a large number of students achieving top grades. Over half of our students have achieved A*-B grades and around one fifth achieving A*-A. It is very rewarding to see students we have worked with over the last 2 years now heading off to the Universities or careers of their choices.
We would like to say a huge well done to all out Year 13 students and wish them all the best as they start preparing for the next exciting stage of their careers.

Read what the local press had to say about our results - Pupils celebrate 2018 A-level exam success

Here are just some examples of our amazing results:

Cate Mandel (A*,A* ,A)- Maths, University of Bristol
Lara Mandel (A*,A*,A, B)- English, University of Cambridge
Gabriella Kyriacou (A*,A*, A)- Degree Apprenticeship with Mondelez (One of only 3 placements in the UK)
Zoe Leibowitz (A*,A*,A) – Mathematics, University College London
Sophia Yianoullou (A*,A*,A) – English, University of Warwick
Livvy Lynch (A*,A, B) – English, University of Exeter
Joshua Cook (A*,A,B) –Maths with a Year in Industry, Birmingham
Nikhyl Bhagat (A*,A,C) – Maths, Birmingham
Harry Curley (A*,A, C) - Gap Year
Mariquq Keshi-Clunis (A*,B,B)- Biomedicine, East Anglia
Megan Harris (A*,B,B)- Sociology and International Relations, University of Leeds
Imogen Hurry (A*,B,B)- American Studies, University of Sussex (with a year of study abroad)
Valentina Morales Meneses (A*,B,B)- Sociology and Social Policy, University of Nottingham
Vivien Abazaj (A,A,A) - Gap Year
Athena Andreou (A,A,A) - Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience, Leicester
Dillon Depala (A,A,B)- Chemistry , University of Warwick
Lucy Figini (A,A,B)- English, University of York
Alex Ellis (A,A,B) - Gap Year
Raees Jiwa (A,A,C)- Business with Finance, City, University of London
May Harding (A,B,B)- Drama and English Literature, University of Leeds
George Lesbirel (A,A,B)- Computer Science, University of York
Jessica Baker (A,B,B)- English Literature and Theatre Studies, Leeds
Soraia DaSilva (A,B,B)- American Studies and English, Nottingham
Amaan Nath (A,B,B)- International Development, University of Sussex
Urte Sereikaite (A,B,B) English (with a study year abroad), University of Sussex
Akhil Shah (A,B,B) - Economics and Management, Aston
Jordan Strzelecki (A,B,B)- International Relations, University of York

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