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Exam Success

The Compton Sixth Form is celebrating a fantastic first set of A Level results. The grades are a culmination of two years’ worth of hard work and dedication. Our head teacher Ann Marie Mulkerins said “we are delighted with our very first set of A Level results, with a large number of students achieving top grades. It is very rewarding to see students we have worked with over the last two years now heading off to the universities or careers of their choice.”

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The Compton School in Finchley celebrate first ever A level results with big successes

Our Year 13 students had been looking forward to the 17th August with a nervous optimism and their hard work has really paid off. Director of Sixth Form, Jonathan McDonnell said “we are immensely proud of our students who worked so hard over the last two years and to see all that hard work be rewarded with such good results is very special.”

Our Head Girl, Anya Mallerman-Bristow, who achieved A*, A*, A said "I'm still processing it - I'm shaking so much!” Her mother, Sharon, said she was "so proud" of her daughter's achievements. She said "I know she has been so nervous I think she only had an hour of sleep last night! She has worked really hard and the school has been fantastic."

The students can now enjoy an extended summer holiday knowing they have completed a significant milestone in their educational journey. Here are just some examples of our amazing results:

Rufeida Alhatimy – A*, A*, A, A (English - King’s College)
Anya Mallerman-Bristow – A*, A*, A (Psychology – Birmingham University)
Gaius Zhou – A*, A, A (Chemical Engineering – University College London)
Scott Marsh – A*, A, A (Mathematics – Sussex University)
Leonora Rexha – A*, A, A (Business Management – City University)
Khadijah Sufi – A*, A, B (Law with History – Queen Mary University)
Leanne Drury – A*, A*, C (Sport & Exercise Science – Birmingham University)
Yashil Gopee – A, A, B (International Relations – Edinburgh University)
Taran Patel – A, A, B (Engineering – Warwick University)
Youcef Sedaoui – A, A, B (Business Administration – Bath University)
Nilofar Soltani – A, A, B (Medicine)
Sumaya Ahmed – A, B, B (Medicine – King’s College)
Jermaine Kakeddo – A, B, B
Claudia Dellamura – A, A, C
Tejal Depala – A*, B, B (Psychology – City University)
Tejas Depala – A, A, C (Economics & Accounting – City University)
Tahsin Rahman – A, A, C (English Literature & Linguistics - Queen Mary University)
Amina Hassan – B, B, B (Biomedical Science – St George’s University)
Maria Kyriacou – B, B, B (Graphic Design – University of the Arts London)
Hassan Warsame – B, B, B (Ancient History – King’s College)

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