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Year 9 D&T Rotation

It is that time of year when we will be asking students to make their choices as to which material area they would like to study from February half term up to the end of the year. The material areas we are offering are 3D Design, Graphic Products, Design Engineer Construct, Hi-Tech Textiles and Food Preparation and Nutrition. Students will not be able to study a material they have already studied so far in Year 9.

All material areas will incorporate material from related GCSE specifications (Design & Technology and Food Preparation & Nutrition), so whatever your child wishes to study this year will only add to their knowledge of the subject if they wish to take Design and Technology as a GCSE.

We will discuss the choices with Year 9 students in lessons during the week beginning 14/01/2019 and expect them to give their first, second and third choice and a reason why we should consider their choices. You will be notified of which group your child will be placed before the half term in February.

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