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Careers Curriculum

Careers Education, Information and Guidance

The Careers Education, Information and Guidance programme at the Compton School aims to make a major contribution to preparing young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. It aims to help students develop the knowledge and skills to make successful decisions and manage transitions as both learners and workers.

The careers programme includes:
•Formal lessons which form part of the pastoral curriculum for years 8 to 11.
•Individual careers interviews with an independent advisor
•Assistance in completing college application forms and writing CVs
•Online personality tests and careers guidance
•Online careers research projects
•Presentations on A level subjects
•Speakers from the world of work

Careers interviews with an independent careers advisor provide guidance for all students in year 11, where students discuss their progress and plan their future targets/post 16 pathways and aspirations for their higher education or worklife.

In Year 11 students are provided with information on Further Education/Post 16 Pathways and tutors provide assistance in helping students to apply for appropriate courses at the Compton Sixth form or other sixth forms/colleges of further education.

Careers Post 16

For further information on careers for Post 16 visit Skills London website.