GCSE Economics - Bank of England Guest Speaker

Posted on: 12/12/2019

Last week, Iain Campbell, a guest speak from the Bank of England, was in school to talk to the GCSE Economics about  (i) what the bank does, (ii) the Monetary Policy Committee and (ii) the 2008 financial crisis. The talk was very insightful and the students were all very engaged and intrigued about the Bank of England. The speaker touched on areas such as Interest Rate setting and the Inflation Report. Furthermore, he looked at the 2008 financial crisis and especially focused on  bank failures and what the Bank of England now does in order to prevent such failures happening again. Some students even won £250 (although, all shredded up!). We hope this talk will ignite some of our young economists to pursue a career at the Bank of England!

Written by Mr Tozanoglu