Students Speak out Challenge at The Compton School

Posted on: 15/01/2020

Students ‘Speak out’ at The Compton School Barnet selected to host regional final of the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge

By Emily Walker-Nolan, Assistant Headteacher

Teachers, parents, friends and supporters are looking forward to attending the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge regional final; this year’s exciting event, organised in partnership with The Speaker’s Trust, is to be hosted at The Compton School, Finchley on Wednesday 23rd January from 6pm.

Since September 2019, students from across the borough have been taking part in expert-led workshops to hone their public speaking skills; speeches have been crafted from scratch and delivered, without notes, to peers. Students have also been taught how to listen and give constructive feedback to one another. From these workshop sessions, standout students were selected to share their speech with the wider school in an assembly final.

At The Compton School, seven successful Year 10 students spoke passionately during an assembly to staff and peers about a wide range of topics; these included anxiety, the power of music, Islamophobia and challenging our ideas about the ‘impossible.’ From this, two students were selected to represent the school in the regional final: Ramlah and Jamilea.

Speaking about her experience of the competition so far, Jamilea said: “It was really scary, but I am really proud of myself for saying it. The Speak Out Challenge is important because it shows that young people can have a voice and use it too.”

Ramlah offered this advice for future competitors: “Choose a topic that is a personal issue for you; this will allow you to make a connection with the audience.” She also stated that the experience was a unique one: “It gave me the freedom to talk about what I wanted to. I learned how to speak in front of an audience and the importance of voice projection. I also found out that I sway my legs when I’m nervous!”

The regional final is an opportunity for everyone in the community and across the borough to come together and celebrate the achievements of these students; it also gives these young people an important platform to “speak out” and share their viewpoints. The event will be hosted by The Compton School’s Headteacher, Ann Marie Mulkerins, and the Deputy Mayor of Barnet, Councillor Lachhya Gurung will be attending as a VIP guest.

The Compton School welcomes and encourages many attendees; doors open from 6.00pm for a prompt 6.30pm start.

The Compton School
Summers Lane
North Finchley
N12 0QG