Science Easter Competition

Posted on: 21/05/2020

Congratulations to Shambavi in 9P for an outstanding winning entry to the Science Easter Photo Journal competition.  She took these photos and added captions that showed how each linked to the Y9 science curriculum.  Shambavi wins a copy of 'How to Live Forever' by Alok Jha

Photo 1- Osmosis: the movement of water molecules from a high water concentration to a low water concentration. Plants absorb water from osmosis. This is a picture of a plants and it uses osmosis to absorb water.

Photo 2- Inherited characteristics: Some of our characteristics are genetic or caused by environmental change. This is a picture of an eye and eye colour is an inherited characteristic

Photo 3- Moments: a moment is a type of force that causes an object to turn. This is a picture of a spanner which uses moments to make an object turn

Photo 4- Exothermic reaction: this is a reaction which releases energy through heat. This is a picture of iron nail which can rust so it is exothermic

Written by Mr Moulton