Football Comeback

Posted on: 08/07/2020

Football made a comeback a few weeks ago after breaking due to COVID-19. However football is not how we know it as there have been tweaks to the scheduling of the Premier League, but also to the way the game is played. These changes come in order to abide by social distancing rules, both in training and during matches and to protect players and staff during this time.

One of these changes includes substitutions. Due to the limited preparation, players are more likely to burn out or sustain more injuries. In preparation for this happening a temporary rule of having more substitutes will be introduced. Five subs will be able to be used, limited to three opportunities to make changes during games. Furthermore, nine players can be named on the bench.​
While the customary pre-match handshakes and huddles have been dropped as a social distancing precaution, celebrations follow no official rules. Players have been advised to avoid climbing over each other at such moments but will not be punished for doing so​.

Another Precaution includes ensuring the match ball will be sterilised at regular intervals after fears being raised about it being touched by potentially infected players despite each player being tested regularly. Further from this there is to be no spitting or fans as players play in their empty stadiums.

Written by Ms Adem