BioMedia Meltdown Competition

Posted on: 09/11/2020

Off the back of the competition held back in July (The Great Exhibition Challenge), our year 8s have been set a new BioMedia Meltdown competition - this time about conservation. During Science club, future scientists (currently in Year 8) found out that conservationists work in protection and preservation of environment and wildlife.

BioMedia Meltdown Competition is part of the Linnean Society’s flagship learning programme, which offers workshops to Key Stage 3 pupils all over London with a focus on integrating art and natural science.

The main aim of the workshop is to bring out the creative side of burgeoning scientists, and the scientific side of burgeoning artists. Every year Linnean Society try to include a project that highlights the work of under-recognized life scientists, whose work may have been very important, but who may not be given their due credit for various reasons. These might include discrimination, economic difficulty, disability or other life circumstances.

Our future scientists discovered many other conservationists working all over the world who do not gain the same kind of recognition or success as a famous conservationist. These courageous conservationists often work in the countries and communities that they come from, collaborating with native people to protect animals and the environment. For example, Christine Kouman, who works to help the endangered slender-snouted crocodile in Ivory Coast; and Gilbert Base Adum, who works to protect the endangered giant squeaker frog in Ghana.

To honour these brave conservationists, students started making a mixed media composition using a technique called image transfer. This technique has been used by artists since the 1960s when readily available Xerox copies made it easy to transfer images onto different surfaces.

See below for an example of what one of our future scientists started for the BioMedia Meltdown Competition and keep an eye out and join us when Science club resumes.

Written by Ms Celik