Recreating Experiments of English Scientist Robert Hooke

Posted on: 19/11/2020

Year 9 have been recreating the experiments of English scientist Robert Hooke, who lived from 1635-1703.  This involved adding masses to a spring and measuring how much it extended.  When plotted on a graph they discover, as he did, that extension is proportional to force - a relationship now known as 'Hooke's Law'.

They may not know, however, that the same scientist was ​responsible for coining the term "cell" which they learned in Year 7, and for the earliest published observations of a microorganism using a microscope. 

When Hooke discovered his law about springs, he published it as an anagram, in order that no one else could claim it as their work.  An Achievement Point will be awarded to the first students who can find out what this anagram was, and what it means - tell Mr Moulton in the Science Office if you do. 

Written by Mr Moulton