Health & Social Care students get creative using P.I.E.S

Posted on: 16/12/2020

This term the Year 10 Health & Social Care students have learnt about the four factors that make up a holistic approach and how these factors can be applied to everyday situations.

The learning was further embedded through students carrying out a Paper Mâche activity. Within the activity students were able to incorporate the fours factors that make up a holistic approach; physical, intellectual, emotional and social. Students illustrated fine motor skills, enhancing of memory, communication, independence, creativity, expression of emotions and working in parallel with others.

Students blissfully unaware of the uplifting benefits that such a task has on their own health and well-being, as it encompasses all four of the factors needed to make a holistic approach, thereby enhancing the student’s self-concept and self-esteem through a sense of accomplishment.

Written by Ms Pulizzi-Brown