Science - Memorisation Strategy

Posted on: 06/07/2021

Emma in 10M tells us how she memorised the chemical equations involving moles:

Miss Shuman told us about the mole story in our lessons and it was coming up to our quantitative chemistry test and I wanted to revise the equations. So, I made her mini massive Mr mole story into a longer story so I could remember the equations for the test.

Here is an extract of the story:

‘…Massive Mr mole wanted a job one day, but he didn’t know how to get one. He found out that he needed a CV. However, because massive Mr mole really wanted the job, he decided to make his CV massive. Massive Mr Mole was so proud that he created a massive CV so he named it the mole’s CV…’.

There are lots of rhymes, mnemonics and similar tools which can be used to memorise facts and equations in science and other subjects and we particularly applaud students who come up with their own!

Written by Mr Moulton