Science - Milk Plastic

Posted on: 03/12/2021

It was another exciting day for our KS3 scientists, who explored the chemistry of milk plastic! Plastic is traditionally made from crude oil, a non-renewable energy resource that releases atmospheric pollutants when burnt. Our environmentally conscious pupils reacted warm milk with vinegar to unfold the casein (protein) molecule found in milk and reorganise it into a long chain (polymer), curdling the milk. They then separated the curd from the liquid before drying and kneading it into a ball, which they then moulded and decorated. Interesting fact: Milk plastic was used to make jewellery for Queen Mary I of England!

A massive thank you to our Year 12 scientists (Somersby, Sophia, Ainaz, Khali and Zareena) for helping with the Club!

Written by Ms Shuman