Science Club

Posted on: 15/12/2021

Our wonderful Y10 students worked very hard last Monday in Science Club to sort out Mrs Christmas’ mixed-up biscuit mixes. To do this, they had to run several experiments to test for the presence of various substances. For example, they did a flame test to see if a particular metal ion was present in the biscuit mix (potassium burns with a stunning lilac flame and sodium with a bright yellow flame), iodine test for starch, Benedict’s test for simple sugars, and many more.

This activity was a fantastic way to reinforce what they have learned in GCSE Biology this year and what they will be learning in GCSE Chemistry next year. A massive thank you to our Y12 scientists: Anuyah, Elona, Roberto, Yasmin, Mania, Sana and Fardous, for helping with the club!

Written by Ms Shuman