Y10 Biologists - Examine the Gills of a Fish

Posted on: 12/01/2022

Our wonderful Y10 Biologists had the opportunity to examine the gills of a fish through a dissection in our very first Science Club session in 2022! They have already learned about gas exchange in humans as part of the curriculum. In this activity, they were able to think about why the system used in humans is not suitable for fish and what issues need to be overcome by fish when ‘breathing’. The ability to accurately observe, dissect and record an organism is a key skill for biology students. They will be looking at this in more detail should they choose to study A-level Biology.

A massive thank you to the following amazing Y12 scientists for their help: Anuyah, Moska, Mania, Elona, Sana, Fardous, Yasmin, and Roberto


Written by Ms Shuman