Spotlight on ... Celebration Evening

Posted on: 11/07/2022

In the last two weeks, we were delighted to host a series of Celebration Evenings (Year 7-10) here at The Compton School. The celebration evenings were an opportunity to showcase the extraordinary achievements of year groups, whether they were the successes of individuals or the entire year group. Parents and carers had the opportunity to join us and celebrate highlights of a year group and an array of awards.The awards ranged from the prestigious Headteacher’s Award, Departmental Awards, Sports Team of the Year Award, Jack Petchey Achievement Award and the Whole School Contribution Award.

The Headteacher’s Award is given in acknowledgement of outstanding behaviour, exceptional attitude to learning and complete commitment to excellence in all areas of school life, going above and beyond both inside and outside of the classroom.

The Department Awards were given to students who not only showed talent in a particular subject area, they also demonstrated consistent effort and extra commitment. To even be nominated for department awards shows remarkable commitment towards the subject from students. 

The Whole School Contribution Awards are given to students who have shown outstanding commitment to the School community. The Jack Petchey Award is voted for and awarded by peers and it is based on being a good role model. The Sports Team of the Year Award is awarded to sports teams that have had a significant impact and have made an outstanding contribution.

Thank you to the following student speakers at The Celebration Evening for sharing highlights of their year: Ali (7P), Sonny(7M) and Daisy(7M), Rimay (8P), Toby (8C), Alex (9S), Eva (9T), Luke (10N) and Pimpa 

Thank you to the following students for showcasing their amazing musical talent at the Celebration Evening: Katerina (7C), Daisy (7M), Andrew (7T), Maya (7M), Hattie (7N), Shira (7S), Samuel (7C), Rory (7C), Sonny (7M), Philip (7O) Rimay (8P), Eden (8P), Winter (8H), Dominic (8O), Samia (8T), Reed (9N), Isabella (9N),Eden (9N), Anna (9T)and Saya (9N), Leoni (10H).

Well done to all students who won awards at The Celebration Evening. Thank you to all parents and carers for attending and joining us in this celebration. Without the strong connection between the school and home we would not be able to be the outstanding school community that we are.