Year 7 Science Trip

Posted on: 14/07/2022

Last Thursday 47 Year 7 physicists were in for a treat with a visit to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park! Students were able to reinforce their current understanding of space, time and seasons through two interactive workshops. They also had the opportunity to ask questions to astronomers and leading scientists working at the observatory. But by far the most exciting part of the trip was the planetarium show as they were all virtually taken into space to learn more about our wonderful solar system and the galaxies present in our vast universe! Students then stood on the Prime Meridian line, which has divided the eastern and western hemispheres of the earth since the late 19th century.

‘It was very interesting and I learned lots of facts about lots of things like earth's rotation, for example. My favourite part was the planetarium.’ Imran 7T 

‘I found the Science trip very fun because I did something I have always wanted to do which was being on the eastern and western hemisphere.’ Daniel 7P 

'My favourite part of the trip was when I saw the planetarium because it gave me facts and it was like I was actually in space. I learned that it takes Mercury 88 days to orbit the sun.’ Alan 7S 

Written by Ms Shuman