Support for Staff

What you should do if you have a mental health concern about a student

All staff members have a responsibility to promote the mental health of students and each other. However, certain staff members have a specific role in the process. These are:

• Our Designated Safeguarding Leads: Louise Ismail, Jonathan McDonnell and Sophie Bailey Pastoral Staff: Key Stage Leaders and Year Managers and Pastoral Leaders

• SENDCO: Dhanisha Tailor

If a member of staff is concerned about the mental health and wellbeing of a student, then in the first instance they should speak to the relevant Year Manager (years 7 to 11) or Pastoral Leader (years 12 and 13) If a child presents a medical emergency then relevant procedures will be followed, including involving the emergency services.

What should you do if you have a concern about your own mental health or that of a colleague?

Seek help by talking to your peers or line manager. Refer to sources of support such as Employee Assistance Programme or Qwell. You can also speak to Louise Ismail, Associate Headteacher or John Sear for support; or any of the members of our Wellbeing Change Team, Natan Janer Klasner, Victoria Eagle, Vicky Cran or Errin Keefe. Please refer to MLT Wellbeing Policy for full details

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Support and Information for Staff Wellbeing

View MLT Staff Wellbeing Policy

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