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Posted on: 16/06/2020

With the news of the 2020 Olympics postponed many athletes will have had to taper their training to adapt to the new situation. Training programmes are complex and timing of rest, workouts, training and specifics are all tailored for an athlete to work towards a specific competition or match. The athletes teams and organisations will be working really hard to adapt their training programme to minimise the negative affects this change in a training programme can have on the athletes progress. The Olympics only happen every 4 years and it is a mass amount of work for everybody involved to prepare for the weeks of the Olympic games. Imagine training your whole life and following a strict 4 year training programme to lead up to what may have been some athletes first Olympics, last Olympics or even their predicted best performance yet an for it to be abolished just like that. Devastating. However, success does not come easy and success does not come to those who quit. Change can be scary at the best of times but staying positive and finding the good in all situations can be so advantageous during times like this. This video shows the positive attitudes and feelings Olympic athletes have taken towards the postponed games. They are great role models to be staying positive and making the most of what they have achieved so far as well as not loosing hope that their time at the Olympic games will come in the future.​

The Olympic Games is a huge event that is greatly respected across the world with the participation of over 208 countries from all over the globe coming together and uniting through sport.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) defines the three Olympic values.

Excellence - someone doing the best they can, in sport and in life. It is about taking part and striving for improvement, not just winning.

Friendship - using sport to develop tolerance and understanding between all people – performers, spectators and citizens generally.

Respect - having consideration for oneself, others and the wider environment. It includes respecting the rules of sport and the officials who uphold them.

When we overcome this tragedy it will be a blessing to have the Olympic games to look forward too and to bring the world together, lift everyone's spirits and celebrate all the success and teamwork that exists in the world we live in.

Written by Ms Adem