Football is back!

Posted on: 18/06/2020

On the 13th March 2020 the Premier league was postponed due to COVID-19 with aims to be back in place by the start of April. With that failing and the last Premier League game having been played on 9th March 2020 by Leicester City and Aston Villa, football and sports fans have been without football for just over 3 months. However, football is back with the first returning game held on Wednesday 17th June 2020!

Despite not being able to support their teams live within the stadium many fans are overjoyed and ecstatic that football is returning on their screens. Some have even described it as their pride and joy returning and many are glad to have something to follow and watch while they are at home with not much else to do. It is a great sign to see sports coming back into our lives, especially during this time as it unites us all together and can give us all a small part of normality back as we patiently wait for the bigger, brighter future.

Written by Ms Adem