My Say Matters

Posted on: 17/06/2022

Throughout the beginning of 2022, I was involved in the “My Say Matters” campaign strategy for Barnet Council alongside many other young people. “My Say Matters” is an initiative that was created by Barnet Council, its main purpose is to let young people know that they have a right to be heard. As part of my involvement in this strategy, I had to design a mood board that would eventually be used in final “My Say Matters” branding in logo. I had decided to go with pastel colours and natural imagery as I thought that this would fit the branding well.

After the final design was decided on, I was asked to write and present a speech at the launch event about my design which took place at the end of May. I had the opportunity to present in front of the Mayor of Barnet and the Councillors of Barnet as well as many young people, parents and employees of Barnet Council. It was a privilege to be a part of this campaign strategy and I loved having the opportunity to work with many amazing people!

Here is a link to the website if you want to check it out!

Prina, 12P