The school prefect is the highest student leadership position that a student can hold within the school. Students are chosen through a rigorous application process open to Year 10 students only. Prefects are appointed following applications and interviews with the Key Stage Leader, Year Manager and Senior Members of staff. There is also a Head Boy/Girl and Deputy Head Boy/Girl who are appointed following a further presentation and interview which takes place with the Headteacher.
Prefects have a range of responsibilities ranging from delivering and planning pastoral curriculum activities, supporting at key events throughout the year and acting as ambassadors for the school. They help to support positive behaviour around the school and are seen as role models in their everyday interactions. The Head Boy/ Girl and Deputies will have further responsibilities to present at key events throughout the year to students, parents and visitors as well as leading the Prefects in meetings and activities. The Key Stage Leader will coordinate the Prefects and meet with them on a weekly basis.