Sixth Form Ethos, Culture and Expectations

2020 09 15 thecomptonschool 9667The ethos of our school continues on into the Sixth Form where we aim to create an environment based on excellence, dedication and respect.

Students find that they have to take on much more responsibility for their own learning and for the way in which they conduct themselves. All students are expected to maintain high standards of work, courtesy, behaviour and discipline and take pride in their appearance and the school environment.

At the Compton Sixth Form the following behaviours promote a positive learning environment:

  • Dedication to studies
  • Striving for excellence
  • Resilience
  • Respect for all
  • Taking responsibility for your actions
  • 100% Attendance
  • 100% Punctuality
  • High standards of personal appearance

The following behaviours are not tolerated:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Disruption to the learning of others
  • Prejudice and discrimination
  • Illegal activities

Sixth Form students are expected to be role models for our younger students and lead by example at all times. In return they experience a much more adult environment with higher levels of trust and responsibility, where students can thrive.

“ I am delighted with my daughter’s development at The Compton. She has made fantastic progress both socially and academically thanks to the dedication and skills of the staff.” Parent