Psychology A Level

The Curriculum Purpose

Psychology is a critical appreciation of research evidenced subject. It enables pupils understanding of the research process to become knowledgeable consumers and critics of public information and to challenge established beliefs based on evidence.

In Psychology students gain 'cultural capital' and are provided with the knowledge and behaviours applicable in the real world. This leads to developing an understanding of people, learning about careers and the world of work (psychiatry, counselling, sports psychology, eyewitness testimony, policing and human resources etc).

Students are provided with knowledge and experiences such as enrichment which will enable them to gain a cultural awareness and an appreciation of diversity.

They will also learn skills for resilience such as mindfulness, stress inoculation and CBT and an understanding of the mental health issues that they and those around them may encounter in life. This will enable our students to become successful, resilient empathetic members of both our school and society.

We also encourage our students to challenge research and question the factual basis of material in a logical, methodical scientific manner. This is a life skill that will stand them in good stead for their future lives.


Key concepts that underpin Psychology  

  • Use of psychological terms with application of real world
  • Develop as critical and reflective thinkers about a range of psychological approaches to explaining behaviour
  • Analyse and evaluate psychological studies and theories 


Key Features of Learning in Psychology


What will you see in Psychology lessons?

  • Students praised for supporting each other’s learning
  • Paired discussions, class debates and discussions.
  • Students will work with textbooks and worksheets (exam style questions)
  • Visual aids (PPT) to support writing frames for essays
  • Model answers on PPT
  • Peer assessed responses using mark schemes with green pen
  • Clips used to help students understanding (social influence, attachment, classical conditioning)


What will you see in Psychology folders? 

  • Checklists for each topic (11) to help with planning revision
  • Booklets with model essay content 
  • End of topic tests – marked by class teacher (students' improvements in green pen)
  • Exam style questions for each spread in the book and peer assessed using green pen


What formative assessment will you see in Psychology? 

  • Retrieval practice (embedded in every lesson)
  • Questioning (e.g. cold calling & targeted)
  • Essay practice (essay plans) 
  • End of topic tests (with previous topic last studied to aid retrieval)


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