Character Development

“The aim of our studies is not just to know what virtue is, but to become good.”


Character development involves caring for and respecting others as well as caring for and respecting oneself.

Our vision at The Compton School is to educate our young people by providing them with a wealth of opportunities, both inside the classroom and beyond the classroom. Our ultimate goal is to enable all of our students to develop a strong moral code so that they are able to take their place in society as active citizens, ready to contribute positively to their communities and the wider world around them.  We want to enable students to flourish in all areas of their lives, by supporting their development into well-rounded, empathetic beings who are able to contribute and shape society and the wider world, whilst respecting and supporting those who live in it, though the teaching and modelling of good character.

Character education at The Compton School is all-encompassing and is uniquely threaded through all areas of curriculum and personal development opportunities that the students receive. We take character education seriously and it is embedded in our ‘LEARN DNA’. We believe it is fundamental to the development of our students. We encourage our students to develop a commitment to serving others, to participate in a wide range of enrichment activities (both in and outside school), to develop the ability to lead others, and of course, the skills to effectively learn. 

Character education is taught through our RSHE curriculum in Personal Development Time and is further embedded through assemblies, displays and other activities around the school. Subject areas take responsibility for further developing these opportunities. The opportunities for students to put their “character” into practise are wide-ranging. This includes extra-curricular clubs such as music and drama productions, trips, student leadership including the Equalities group, Charity Leaders, Duke of Edinburgh, First Give, Transition Leaders, Brilliant Club, Peer Mentoring and Prefects.


Character development at Compton

Character Development