Sixth Form Super Curricular and Enrichment

The Super-Curriculum


Our Super-Curriculum encapsulates all those activities that foster academic endeavour beyond the measurable outcomes of examination results. It includes (but is not limited to) wider reading, debate, public speaking, research, lectures and study trips. Each department will provide a range of subject specific enrichment opportunities designed to enhance students’ interest and understanding. During the year staff will signpost students to these opportunities.

Subject specific enrichment is designed to:

  • Enhance students’ understanding, enthusiasm and love for their subjects
  • Develop a wider knowledge of the subjects students study and the broader issues surrounding them
  • Promote opportunities for wider-reading that can then be used for personal statements and job/university interviews
  • The key message from universities is that they want to see what students have done to show their dedication towards studying their subjects, and these opportunities are a perfect example.

Please see the bottom of this page to download your copy of the Super Curricular booklet. 



We provide a wide and interesting range of enrichment opportunities at Sixth Form level. This includes the provision of extra-curricular activities, the opportunity to complete work based experience and a number of specific Sixth Form day and residential trips which includes several trips abroad. There are lots of opportunities to work with the rest of the school including Peer Mentoring opportunies, Charity work and through committees on the Sixth Form Leadership Team. Please see below for the current programme of opportunies. This is updated regularly.


Details and who to see.

Maths TA’s

Year 12 students to work with Year 11’s in their maths lessons and support – See Mr Neilson for further details – Please sign up if interested.  


Students required to support The Compton School Podcast and the Sixth Form Podcast – see Mr Janner Klaussner for more information - Please sign up if interested.  

Exposure Magazine

Online publishing

Creative communications

Harnessing technology

Workplace skills

• Articles, news reports, short stories

• Reviews, interviews, poems

• Images, graphic design,

• Podcasts, short films

See Ms Cran for application form

Classics Club

Focuses on Greek myths and how they link to drama and literature. Trips to the British museum to look at statues and study Greek Epics together - Please sign up if interested.  

Lower school support in Science Club

An opportunity to sign up and support in the very popular science club (every Wednesday after school). We have a rota in place for Y12 helpers – Please sign up if interested.  

Support for younger students in science

Y12 helpers for KS3 science lessons (Y8 specifically) Please sign up if interested.  

Global Citizens Club support – Geography

Sixth form students to support with our global citizens club on Thursdays after school – Please sign up if interested.  

Geography Breakfast Club

Breakfast club intervention supporting students with Geography. Please sign up if interested.  

Poetry Club

Sixth Form support with running poetry workshops/poetry slams. Please sign up if interested.  

Spanish Class/GCSE Support 

A Level students would be very welcome to support KS3 and KS4 Spanish classes. If they are interested, please see Ms Cabeza or Mr Fairhurst for more details– Please sign up if interested.  

Reading Mentor Programme

The reading mentor programme will be relaunched in time for the interventions to start after Xmas - Please sign up if interested.  Applications and training soon.

Year 7 & 8 lesson support in class

If you are interested in helping in class with younger students, please sign up and put what subject you would prefer


Extended Project Qualification – Application details to be available soon

LRC Support

Sixth Formers to help in the LRC during busy periods helping to manage the crowds at the door and getting students to sit down. If they are free during PTD they could go round classes chasing up overdue books, and any keen chess players could always run a chess club after school Tuesday 3-4pm  


Sixth Form Student Leadership Team

See application pack available from the Sixth Form Office from Friday 9th December - deadline for CV and cover letter Thursday 15th

Peer Mentors

Supporting students in the lower school with their wellbeing and behaviour – Please sign up if interested.  

Academic Mentors

Supporting students on a one-to-one basis in various subject areas

TA support for Key Stage 3 EAL students

Students to help support KS3 students who use English as an additional language in their lessons – See Ms Oakley for further details – Please sign up if interested.  

Sports Teams (Only as Non Compulsory)

Sixth Form Netball 3pm-4pm Wednesday; Football Team, Basketball Club


Barclays LifeSkills - virtual work experience with a 'digital transformation' agency


An excellent opportunity for those interested in design to actively work with different departments on one exciting project, helping them solve problems and complete real-life tasks.


Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Suitable for those looking to apply to medical school, this virtual work placement introduces students to the NHS before exploring the roles and skill sets of six different medical specialists.


Halliday Fraser Munro

An online work experience programme for those interested in architecture and design.

InvestIn (paid)

Aimed at students between 14 and 18 years old, Investin offers an impressive array of virtual work placements involving real life work and contact with professionals. This is a paid service, and placements range from one day to one week. Prices start from £90.

National Cyber Security Centre

A website dedicated to helping the UK's next generation of cyber professionals through a variety of free courses for 11–17-year-olds and exciting competitions.

Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)


Organised, by the RCGP, Observe GP is an alternative to work experience for aspiring medics aged 16 and over, who are living in the UK. It is a free interactive video platform providing insights into the role of a GP and the wider primary care team.




Speakers4schools aims to provide a level playing field by connecting young people to high quality virtual work placements. Register to stay up to date with their latest developments.



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