“Inclusion is not about what you say it is about how people feel.”  

Laura Berger, Leadership Consultant


Creating a truly inclusive community

This academic year we are continuing to celebrate our diverse community and to build on our truly inclusive culture.  In the last academic year we worked with student groups, staff and Governors to make changes to the 3-way contract that students sign each year.  This was to ensure that it genuinely reflected the most up-to-date legal and moral guidance on inclusion.  We are so proud to be a diverse, inclusive, multi-faith, multi-cultural school where everyone is valued and welcomed.  This is at the core of all we do and is underlined by our mission statement “Excellence for All”.

We began this academic year with staff training from Hashi Mohamed, author of ’People Like Us: What it Takes to Make it in Modern Britain’. He spoke candidly about  the uneven playing field faced by different groups in society and the strategies required to address this.

Staff have continued to work on ensuring that our curriculum is reflective of our diverse community, not relying on individual days or months to celebrate and recognise individuals or groups, but having this woven through our daily school life and learning.  An important display in school is a timeline of key events in black and minority ethnic history with the important call “This is Too Much History to Fit into One Month!”.  This ethos is replicated around the school in displays, units of work, assemblies and more that, on a daily basis, rejoice in or commemorate the achievements of individuals and groups from around the globe, from all backgrounds.  Inclusion cannot be limited to named time frames, it is the fabric of who we are.

Our Equalities Group in school continues to highlight important issues to students and staff, to provide feedback to the school and to champion this part of school life.