Business Studies BTEC National Diploma

The Curriculum Purpose              

The Curriculum Intent and Purpose of BTEC at KS5, in Business is to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of a wide range of opportunities within the field, whilst preparing students for the world of work. It is a vocational qualification which takes an engaging, practical, and inspiring approach to learning and assessment.   

The course introduces students to the four main functions of business, Finance, Operations, Marketing and Human Resources. These are either referenced within each unit or one of them is focused on as the main aspect of a unit an example being Unit 2 Developing a Marketing Campaign. The aim of this is that it exposes students to all elements of business which will aid them when they continue to study Business at university or enter the workplace.

The curriculum challenges students to work independently (through assessment-based tasks) and collaboratively, through group work and empowers every student to develop a curiosity and a desire for knowledge. There are some exam-based units that enable students to be better prepared for their future pathways whether that is higher education, an apprenticeship, or the career of their choice.

The curriculum is designed and delivered to encourage students to develop, and use written, oral and analytical skills that will benefit them in adult life. Some of the units will focus on enhancing their theoretical knowledge, however some of the units will provide them with practical skills to ease their transition from the secondary education system by teaching them research methods, job interview skills and organising an event. 


Key concepts that underpin BTEC Business 

  • Unit 1 Exploring Business
  • Unit 2 Developing a Marketing Campaign 
  • Unit 3 Personal and Business Finance
  • Unit 4 Organising an Event
  • Unit 5 International Business
  • Unit 6 Principles of Management  
  • Unit 8 Recruitment and Selection Process
  • Unit 14 Investigating Customer Service


Key Features of Learning in BTEC Business 

The department consists of four teachers and the units are divided amongst them. Where possible teachers will focus on their primary subject and deliver the unit closely associated with their expertise. A primary feature of BTEC learning at KS5 is the use of independent work. Students will receive the initial introduction of the unit and then are expected to research tasks or work independently on coursework. This not only improves their knowledge and learning but develops their ability to research and reference, two fundamental aspects of higher education learning.


What you will see in BTEC Business lessons

  • Adaptive teaching for all students
  • High expectations for all students 
  • Engagement and participation by all
  • Teamwork and collaboration 
  • The opportunity to improve IT skills
  • Gain independence through working on their own
  • Develop organisational skills and time managment
  • Be able to use the Harvard referencing system
  • Develop self-motivation


What you will see in BTEC Business folders

Students only have folders for two units, these are Unit 3 Personal and Business Finance and Unit 4 Organising an Event. They are expected to keep the worksheets and handouts that are provided in these and for Unit 4 as it is a group-based unit any meeting agendas and notes taken when organising the event. There has been a shift onto MS Teams for group work and the use of folders is going to be optional for Unit 4. Unit 3 will maintain the use of folders next year. For all other units students will store their notes electronically as they have access to computers and the internet in almost every lesson throughout the course


Assessment in BTEC Business 

There are three exam-based units, and these are taken in exam conditions and marked by BTEC. All three units have a mock exam partway through the unit which is marked internally. This is to enable students to become more comfortable with the content of the unit and experience exam conditions. The other units are coursework based and students work independently on an assignment which has two submissions with feedback and corrections on the first submission. The only unit that is different is Unit 4 where students are in groups and organise and run an event which they then write up independently. 

What extra-curricular is available from BTEC Business Studies

  • Students have a catch up and support intervention club after school


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