Health and Social Care BTEC Level 2

The Curriculum Purpose 

The Curriculum Purpose of BTEC at KS4, in Health and Social Care, is to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of a wide range of opportunities within the field, whilst preparing students for the world of work. It is a vocational qualification which takes an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment.  

The course raises awareness of different needs and the range of primary, secondary and tertiary services available. The key aspects of the Health & Social Care curriculum include human development, care values and health & wellbeing. All aspects of the curriculum develop skills such as empathy, lifestyle factors, social, cultural and economic factors, understanding of stereotypes, discrimination and the importance of a holistic approach.

The curriculum challenges students to work independently (through assessment-based tasks) and collaboratively and empowers every student to develop a curiosity and a desire for knowledge.  

The curriculum is designed and delivered in a linear way so that each component builds on previous knowledge thereby further embedding students understanding. It allows students to grow in confidence, whilst giving them the opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt.


Key concepts of Health & Social Care 

Our key concepts are:

  • Physical needs
  • Intellectual needs
  • Emotional needs
  • Social needs
  • Life stages
  • Factors affecting health and wellbeing
  • Life Events


Key Features of Learning in Health & Social Care

Our department has two teachers that teach Health & Social Care. Health & Social Care is taught at KS4. There are a variety of teaching strategies used to embed students’ knowledge and understanding as well as utilising the online curriculum and up to date knowledge from the expert advisor. The range of techniques allows for knowledge to become embedded within the long-term memory. Assessments are regular through Year 1 of the course. Year 2 is exam based and students are given case studies and mock examinations to prepare them for the formal assessment.  


What will you see in Health & Social Care lessons  

  • Opportunities for students to discuss current affairs and issues verbally with their peers
  • Opportunities for students to improve their oracy. 
  • Adaptive teaching for all students.  
  • High expectations for all students.  
  • Engagement and participation by all.  
  • Teamwork and collaboration 
  • Gaining independence
  • Develop organisational skills
  • Develop self-motivation
  • Students receive a range of praise, (e.g. verbal and postcards sent home). 
  • Sanctions where necessary for classroom management. 

What you will see in Health & Social Care books.

In Year 10, exercise books are not marked as they are used purely as a point of reference for students for when they are completing the statutory assignment-based tasks. The teacher will scan students’ books to ensure that all notes are correct and that there are no gaps. Students complete 4 assignments in Year 10. The teachers mark students work with a two week turn-a-round. A random selection of students will also have their work internally moderated by teachers in the department. Completed assignment-based tasks are kept separately in a teacher’s folder.

In Year 11, students are given course note books that they use to copy key notes. Case studies are marked by the teacher or peers and work is corrected in GREEN pen (DIRT TIME). Exam style questions and mock papers are also marked by the teacher.


What Formative assessment will you see in Health & Social Care

  • A range of questioning techniques to assess understanding and embed learning e.g. hinge questions
  • Students complete exam style questions
  • Case studies are given to students which assesses students’ knowledge and understanding


What extra-curricular is available from Health & Social Care

  • KS4 - Students are directed (by the teacher) to any online Health & Social Care courses that are sometimes made available for students wanting to work in the Health and Social Care Sector.  




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