Politics A Level

The Curriculum Purpose 

The Politics curriculum is designed to support students to develop their critical awareness of the changing nature of politics and the relationships between political ideas, institutions and processes – both within the UK and globally. Students develop the ability to critically analyse, interpret and evaluate political information to form arguments and make judgements. The first-year curriculum is designed to enable students to evaluate political participation and government systems in the UK as well as develop their understanding of core political ideologies. In the second year of the course, the spiral curriculum will allow students to apply their understanding of political ideologies to the Global Politics paper. They will gain an understanding of abstract political concepts through grounding them in contemporary real-world examples and case studies that will develop an international awareness and knowledge of multiple perspectives.


Key concepts that underpin the subject area 

  • Political Ideologies
  • Structures of government and state
  • Political participation
  • Political awareness
  • Understanding and communicating viewpoints
  • Political vocabulary
  • Comparative theories of international relations and power
  • Global Governance


Key Features of Learning

Students are taught by experienced teachers with specialisms in modern political history and philosophy. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively to develop their understanding, through debate and discussion. As well as learning about political structures and institutions, students are prompted to consider their own role in the ever-changing world and what opportunities there are to make changes about issues they feel strongly about. We aim to develop in our students a clear grasp of political vocabulary and the ability to use key terms with precision.


What will you see in Politics lessons?

  • Explicit teaching of key vocabulary
  • Reading of materials to understand key knowledge.
  • Student presentations of key news stories of the week
  • Discussion of set reading/ research for homework tasks
  • Recall quizzes
  • Use of video clips to show political issues/events/news
  • Use of scenarios to encourage critical thinking from perspective of political ideologies.
  • Debates on key issues.

What you will see in Politics books?

  • Structured notes
  • Work booklets
  • Practice paragraphs
  • Lesson handouts such as slides and worksheets
  • Lesson resources such as textbook photocopies, articles, etc.
  • Exam-style questions as assessed pieces of work

What formative assessment will you see in Politics lessons?

  • Topic Tests on core knowledge and vocabulary
  • Timed Essays in class where appropriate
  • Homework essays


What extracurricular is available from the Politics area?

Students will attend trips to the Palace of Westminster and the Royal Courts of Justice. Students can also attend the various ad hoc clubs such as the Model United Nations club.



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