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If you have concerns about your results on results day you should speak to the Head of Department or one of your teachers who will be able to help you.

GCSE and A level students

If you think there has been a mistake in the marking of your exams, you should let the school know. The school can ask the exam board to check how your exam was marked.

The School can also ask, on your behalf, to see your marked exam paper. (The form that needs to completed for this can be found at the bottom of this page).

They can do this before deciding whether to request a review of marking to help to identify whether they think a mistake was made when your work was marked. (If you decide to request a remark, the form for this can be found at the bottom of this page).

If the exam board does not find any mistakes, your mark will not change, and therefore your grade will not change. If the exam board finds a mistake was made, your mark could go up or down. If your mark changes, this could mean that your grade stays the same or goes up or down.

An exam board cannot give you extra marks just because your mark was close to a grade boundary or because you did not get the grade your centre predicted.

The exam board will charge fees for reviews of marking if your grade does not change. There will be no fees if your grade changes following a review. Your centre will be able to tell you about any possible fees that you may need to pay.

You can request a priority review of marking if you are depending on the outcome of a review to secure a higher education place. 

If the school or you still have concerns after a review of marking or moderation, the review decision may be challenged through the exam board’s appeals process. The possible outcomes of an appeal are the same as at the review of marking or review of moderation stage, explained above. The school will be able to tell you about any possible fees that you may need to pay.

If you have any queries following recieving your results please email our Exams Manager at



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