A Level & BTEC Results 2023


We are very pleased with this year’s set of A Level and BTEC results, with a large number of students achieving top grades. After 3 years of adjusted grades we are pleased to see these results are significantly improved from our 2019 results, which was the last time exams were completed in more normal conditions. There was a 97% pass rate with around half of our students have achieved A*-B grades and almost one fifth achieving A*-A. After a challenging 2 years, it is very rewarding to see students we have worked with over the last 2 years now heading off to the Universities or careers of their choices.


Read the full article and interviews with students here:

Spotlight on Sixth Form Results 2023

Please see students individual successes below. 

Individual successes include: 

Ilter (A*A*A) 

Ben. M (A*A*A) 

Antonio (A*A Distinction*) 

Shaadika (A*AAB) 

Ikran (A*AA) 

Ramlah (A*AA) 

Marsida (A*A*B) 

Milo (A*AB) 

Sandra (A*AB) 

Sindy (AAA) 

Toby (AAB) 

Niba (AAB) 

Anuyah (AAB) 

Kyle (AAB) 

Tom.V (AAB) 

Mamadou (AB Distinction) 

Shadi (AAC) 

Elntoranto (AAC) 

Sabahoth (ABB) 

Ioana (ABB) 

Ruby (ABB) 

Neda (ABB) 

Natalie (BB Distinction) 

Rayan (ABC) 

Eliza (ABC) 

Sumayya (ABC) 

Matthew (ABC) 

Moska (BBB) 

Fareed (BBB) 

Yahia (BBB) 

Stephanie (BBB) 

Mania (BBB) 

Rita (BBB) 

Tanat (BBB) 

Natalie (ACC) 


BTEC Headline figures 

Fantastic results achieved across our BTEC cohort 

Distinction*- Distinction- 60.3% 

Distinction*- Merit- 93.6% 

Pass rate- 100% 


BTEC Business 

Ilhan (Distinction* Distinction, Distinction) 

Adam (Distinction* Distinction*, C) 

Javonte (Distinction* Distinction, Merit) 

Akram (Distinction* Distinction, C) 

Martina (Distinction Distinction, C) 

Sharon.N (Distinction Distinction, C) 

Timothy (Distinction Distinction, D) 

Mariya (Distinction Distinction, D) 

Jeremy (Distinction Distinction, D) 

Sam (Distinction Distinction) 

Najma (Distinction Merit, C) 

Karmelita (Merit, Merit, B) 

Bahja (Merit Merit, C) 


BTEC Science 

Somersby (Distinction* Distinction* Distinction*) 

Sahal (Distinction* Distinction Merit) 

Pratik (Distinction* Distinction*, D) 

Morgan (Distinction Merit, B) 



Antonio (Distinction* A*A) 

Mamadou (Distinction AB) 

Natalie (Distinction BB) 

Sana (Distinction BC)